Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Martin Rivas' "Sea of Clouds" Album Release

With wild blonde hair, dark-rimmed glasses, and a smile that brightens and comforts even the gloomiest New York day, Martin Rivas is the unsurpassed winner of the NYC Artist Scene award for “Slow and Steady Wins the Race.” After years of diligently plugging away at his talent, accepting all performance opportunities and collaborating with a variety of artists, the gifted musician has brought the concept of family into the scene, creating a loving, supportive environment and nurturing opportunities for every artist to grow together. His previous albums, Glorious, Bottleneck, and Pride of the Valley were lovely seedlings, homegrown and ripe for picking, but with his fourth effort he’s finally found his prize-winning garden.

In a time when music can come across as contrived and forced, the serene, genuine quality and exquisite execution of “Sea of Clouds” provides loyal listeners with Martin Rivas’ best album to date. Tracks alternate between simple acoustic guitar riffs, soft piano melodies, and the explosive percussions of long-time friend and drummer Craig Meyer, bringing warmth, telling stories, and breathing life into the songs, while still maintaining the classic rock and reminiscent element that Rivas fans have grown to admire.

Perhaps the strongest feature of the twelve-track album, produced by Dave Pittenger, is the underlying positive consistency found in each of the songs, an attribute that Rivas is known for. Hope, love, happiness, and empathy are all superior messages, dominating the lyrics and intricately woven into the music. From the encouraging words “In the hour that’s the darkest, remember that you’re blessed,” found in “Get Yourself Together,” a tune that brings you back to the sweetness and soul of Smokey Robinson, to the rock n’roll sounds of “A Name Scratched on a Desk” and the infectious, sunny beat behind “Heckuva Day,” which draws subtle influences from pop greats like The Beach Boys, Martin has fully captured the journey he’s taken to date, sharing it graciously, powerfully, and with humility.

There are people in this world who sing for the glory and there are people who sing for love and fulfillment that a single lyric may touch just one person and change them, whether for a split-second or a lifetime. A master of his terrain, a role model to fresh singer-songwriters, and a constant supporter of the community who so obviously adores him, Martin Rivas is the latter, once again blessing us with his gift, softening the hardest of those New York hearts, slowing down the eternal rush of the city, and lifting us to a place in the sky where we can gently rest our weary, worn-out minds and escape into the simplicity of sound.

Please join Martin and crew at The Bitter End this Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 10:00pm for the “Sea of Clouds” album release and visit for purchasing options.

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  1. WOW.....Martin and band were on fire at the bitter end last night. I have been a Martin Rivas fan for many years and have seen many shows. The performance last night was by far the best I have ever seen. The music from Sea of Clouds was outstanding. The band was tight, The music was loud, the crowd was electric....All I can say is WOW.....