Monday, June 29, 2009

Check out the NYC Artists performing this week!

Music Happenings This Week!!

TODAY, Monday, June 29:

NICK HOWARD is opening for Boyce Avenue at BOWERY BALLROOM, 8:00pm. Check out this fantastic artist in a great venue!

MARTIN RIVAS' debuts the 2nd Backscratch Sessions at The Red Lion, 10:00pm. This round features NYC Artists- RYAN VAUGHN, CASEY SHEA, BRENT SHUTTLEWORTH, and of course, Mr. MARTIN RIVAS. Be there!

TUESDAY, June 30:

RACHEL PLATTEN AND THE SISTA GIRLS (Ryan Vaughn, Martin Rivas, Brian Killeen, Craig Meyer, and Eddie Venegas ) play the CANAL ROOM at 8:00pm.


MARTIN RIVAS et. al performs at Rockwood Music Hall, 10:00pm.

Please come out and support your independent artists... They are truly amazing!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Nick Howard: Moving On Up

A love of New York City and American culture, a passionate drive to pursue music, and a poorly recorded demo was all British singer-songwriter Nick Howard had when he firmly planted his feet on New York concrete five years ago. “I remember taking [the demo] to the Living Room and giving it to the guy behind the bar who said ‘Yeah absolutely,’ and as I walked out and turned away I saw him throw it in the bin,” Nick recalls, subtly noting the irony. The gifted crooner, whose boyish charm and clever humor captures audiences nation-wide, has come a long way in a short time, building a growing empire of success on a foundation of persistence, belief, and hard work.

Raised in Brighton, England singing in school choirs and church, Nick Howard decided to pick up the guitar after seeing Michael J. Fox in the movie “Back To The Future.” Only two formal lessons were needed to fire his musical spirit- the rest was self-taught, continuing to play throughout his teenage years. A trip to New York City in 2000 to visit his sister solidified where Howard belonged, claiming, “I’d never experienced anything like it.” Establishing a musical presence in NYC during a college internship, the computer science major got a “real” job post-graduation and has been writing and playing in the States ever since.

In 2005 Nick recorded the six-track EP “Contradicted,” an album he describes as “raw, confused, and focused on finding oneself in the big city.” The EP received instant recognition, with Clear Channel featuring it on the “Discover New Music Campaign” and a few songs getting television placement. Howard continued to promote the EP for a year and half while writing and working on the follow up, 2008’s “Something To Talk About,” produced by Jamie Siegel. From that album the song “The Pressure” was picked up before it was even mastered through a licensing agreement, and placed on the hit show “The Hills.” “It was the most painstaking ten minutes of my life, and then it came in and it was so cool,” Nick describes the experience the first time hearing the song on national TV, laughing, “It was the beginning of the end of Nick Howard.”

Now preparing to release “Bridging the Gap,” the new EP produced by Robert “Void” Caprio and recorded at Stratosphere Studios, Nick plotted a live, acoustic album done in “old school” band fashion. Howard called in band members Ryan Vaughn, Oscar Bautista and Nicholas D'Amato (with guest appearances by Rachel Platten), plugging away for twelve straight hours one weekend, tracking and mixing the whole project. The EP release coincides with Nick’s debut performance at the world-renowned Summerfest in Milwaukee this July, a career highlight Howard has been diligently pursuing. “The hope was they would put me on one of the smaller stages, and this year they put me opening for Gavin DeGraw,” Nick’s smile widens, “So I didn’t mind waiting three years for that gig!”

No stranger to the New York stage, Nick has seen an uprising of both venues and artists since playing his first gig at The “C” Note, a club now closed. Regularly serenading The Bitter End, CBGB’s, The Living Room, and Rockwood Music Hall, Howard worked the hierarchical climb, most recently playing Highline Ballroom and booking an upcoming show at Bowery Ballroom. “I think when I first moved here the scene was in a bit of a lull. Some of the older venues were really struggling and some of the new ones hadn’t come around yet. Now there’s a great balance of the staples like Mercury Lounge, and Rockwood, which I think is going to go down as a historic music venue,” Nick confides. With a never-ending list of incredible music happening every single night, it’s no wondering every NYC artist claims Rockwood is their favorite spot to play.

Calling New York City a “music mecca,” Nick offers an honest take on the unparalleled success and drawbacks of the scene. “The venues are great. The band and artists are amazing, every element of every type of music is awesome,” Howard professes. “The thing that’s difficult here is most people who come to shows are not the kind of fans you would get fifty miles out of the city. There’s a motive behind things- you find yourself playing for a lot of other artists/ bands, record executives, and industry people, which isn’t really a good representation of the average music fan.”

Often shows become auditions; the booker, the audience, even the player(s) are all under inspection, and sometimes the performance suffers on account of the artist’s consumption with everything that goes into it- finding musicians, paying musicians, running around, getting off work for sound checks, etc. “You get onstage and realize ‘Wow, we’re really under-rehearsed. Or you get onstage and forget your lyrics, “ laughs Nick, who currently works a full-time job on top of actively pursuing his music career.

Regardless, this highly motivated, performance savvy musician maintains a beautiful harmony of fortifying his career and enjoying the simple things in life like family, friendship, sports, and nonsense trivia. “I’m a complete and utter nerd. But I’m a cool nerd because I love sports,” Nick divulges with a grin, listing the Yankees, Giants, and Knicks as his favorite American teams. A truly honest, sincere, and humble artist, Nick also participated in Martin Rivas and Craig Meyer’s “Backscratch Sessions” debut, an experience he called “nerve-wracking and grounding,” but overall incredibly positive and motivational for the music community.

Humility will take the young and extremely gifted Nick Howard far, as he plunges forward into the next stage of an inspirational journey. With soft, heartfelt lyrics telling the universal coming-of-age tale, melodic, catchy sounds, and a gift for recognizing and writing a good “song,” Nick is a charming, praiseworthy example of just living the “American” dream.

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Get tickets NOW for Nick’s show at the Bowery Ballroom, Monday, June 29 at 8:00pm!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rachel Platten: Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Light positively emanates out of Rachel Platten, dazzling those fortunate enough to share a moment with this powerful force of kindness, talent, and true beauty. Blessed with the understanding of the Universe's give-and-take policy, the stunning songstress balances a thriving music career with personal charity, nurturing a life path filled with nothing but love.

Growing up in Boston, Rachel's musical journey began with piano lessons, choirs, and school plays, tinkering with writing songs in high school but ultimately choosing a career in politics. Everything changed one semester abroad in Trinidad, when Platten took stage singing back-up for a Soca band at a massive music festival. Performing her first gig in front of thousands of people, the then 19-year-old knew at that moment she found her calling. "It felt like lightening struck me," says Rachel, her smile widening. "This is EXACTLY what I'm supposed to be doing and it was amazing, just the most incredible thing."

"Music infuses everything in the culture there, which is a big change from where I grew up and everything was academically dominated," Rachel explains. Submersed in Trinidad’s artistically focused lifestyle, Platten quit her internship with the diplomat’s office, toured with the Soca band, and concentrated on writing, practicing, and playing for almost a year.

The Trinidad experience carved the path for the inevitable move to New York City, a transition that encountered a few bumps in the road, in traditional artist fashion. A self-proclaimed expert at being fired, only within this past year has Rachel made music a full-time career. "Even though I moved here with the intent to pursue music I got a little sidetracked and just tried to support myself. I've had seven different jobs and I've been fired from seven different jobs. I am amazing at getting fired," Platten affirms, bursting into laughter. "I was always trying to get gigs, searching for band members, practicing, and I would just not be in [the job] at all. I am the worst employee ever."

Finding the ultimate composite of musicians to get the ball rolling and form her band took some trial-and-error, but eventually Rachel Platten and the Sista Girls- Martin Rivas, Craig Meyer, Brian Killeen, Ryan Vaughn and Eddie Venegas- was assembled, now dominating stages throughout NYC. "I just feel like I have the most incredible [group]- not only in their playing but they are just the kindest people... it's all love," Platten sighs.

It's taken some time for Rachel to hone what she's doing with sound, a self-described modern-day Jackson 5 vibe that's uplifting, upbeat, fun, and happy. Channeling influences like The Beatles and Motown, Platten exudes energy, light, and soul in every performance. Due to its multifarious appeal, her music fashions a scene of it's own; one that charms the intimate acoustic environment of Rockwood Music Hall and captures eclectic audiences at larger venues like the Highline Ballroom. Independently selling over 5,000 copies of her first record made four years ago, Rachel is currently focused on the follow up album, as well as giving back to the community who have so graciously shown support.

About three years ago, Platten linked up with Musicians on Call, a charity that bring musicians into hospitals for live, private performances with patients. The experience has been one of the personal highlights of her career, keeping the ”give to get back” mantra flowing consistently. "When you start trying to be a musician in New York it's very hard and very scary. You don't know what you're doing, you have no guide for it- it's very self-absorbed. It's a lot of ego, you're constantly trying to promote yourself," she admits humbly. "I needed something to do with what I loved that wasn't for me."

Searching online for local charities, Rachel came across, reached out immediately, and once again felt, "This is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.” Now participating on a regular basis, "I'll schedule it after something good happens for me career-wise," Platten claims, pointing to the sky with a laugh, "I got you back!"

“The whole point is you’re uplifting people one-by-one; just trying to make someone feel better and take a little bit of stress off them for the moment,” the singer says of the experience. “Moments when you know you’ve touched someone deeply… that’s powerful.”

Rachel’s generous heart also beats for the NYC artist community, finding it important to encourage and pass along lessons learned to fellow colleagues. Wanting to give back to the scene that has bestowed good fortune on her career, Platten understands the struggle, hardships, and frustrations that artists encounter and is willing to help in any way possible.

“When you get to know yourself and what it is you have to give, that it’s unique and special, it’s really easy to support others, see their shows, and be excited for their success,” Rachel reveals. “I found that people have been incredibly generous, kind, and open and it makes me want to give that too. I have some really exciting stuff going on and I’m of the mindset ‘Cool! Let me pass this on and pay it forward. Let me give this back because it helped [me] more than anything.”

Currently in the studio Rachel is turning to newer influences like The Pixies, Elliot Smith and Nick Drake, paired with the creative energy of Bob Dylan (who once lived in Platten’s building) to produce an album that reaches audiences spiritually and emotionally. “I don’t let myself get away with anything,” Platten states confidently, “I’m very hard on myself until the lyrics are all real.”

Songs saturated with happiness and hope and a voice that resonates deep into your core ensure this singer-songwriter is destined for an explosive career. In the current state of our country and the difficult times people are enduring, Rachel’s music provides the ultimate remedy to cure the darkest moments: an infectious smile, a giving heart, a radiant soul, and a whole lot of love.

For more information on Rachel Platten’s music and tour dates please visit,, or become a fan of Rachel Platten at

Rachel’s next live performance will be Tuesday, June 30 at the Canal Room at 8:00pm. Be sure to check it out if you are in town!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Declan Bennett: Living the Dream

One of the many beautiful things about New York City is at any given moment you may cross paths with the most intriguing, delightful person. Such was the case recently at Rockwood Music Hall, where I had the pleasure of being introduced to Declan Bennett, a British singer-songwriter whose envious resume covers all facets of the music industry. A warm reception and honest enthusiasm for conversation simply adds to the enormous talent that resides humbly in this distinctly exceptional artist.

At age 16 Declan Bennett left school and moved to London to pursue music, a dream that took a wild turn two years later when Warner Music signed him to the pop/rock group "Point Break." The band released five Top 20 Singles, produced an album, toured the world for two years, and appeared on the hit British TV show "Top of the Pops," a regular Friday night program that showcased a countdown of the Top 50 songs of the week. Wrapped in this whirlwind life, Declan found solace writing his own music while on the road, exploring songs more personal and conversational, so when the time came for a second album he declined. "I just thought, 'I'm done, I've got nothing left in me,'" Declan said, a look of truth dashing through his eyes. "I had my time and I enjoyed it but I have to go and do my own thing."

Transitioning from a pop star with screaming fans to working in a dingy cafe was humbling for Bennett, but did not stop this focused young musician. Continuing to write and play out London's acoustic scene, Declan built a fan base from scratch and has kept it growing since age 20. Fortune fell once again soon after, getting discovered by Boy George and cast in the London hit "Taboo" at the historic West End Theatre. Establishing a positive relationship with the icon proved beneficial, as Declan became the opening act on several gigs and was often promoted by George himself on TV appearances.

Bennett's stand-out performance in "Taboo" caught the eye of a casting director from RENT in New York, finally bringing this gorgeous talent to our city streets. Joining the cast of RENT as Roger, the struggling singer-songwriter, Declan went on tour with the show first before starring on Broadway from September 2007-May 2008.

Undeterred by an exploding career and well-deserved recognition, Bennett chose not to abandon his singer-songwriter roots. "I never stopped doing my music," Declan explains, "Despite diverting at times into theatre it was always really important to me to not just do [theatre] and forget my music. It was a vehicle for me to expose myself to a new audience."

That attitude is precisely why Declan has transitioned so well into the New York scene, a city he finds both stimulating and accepting in ways London can't compare. Shifting from RENT to the singer-songwriter scene was a challenge in overcoming the music industry's pre-conceived notion of Broadway stars and solo albums, but Bennett succeeded and did so with integrity. Crediting the cast of RENT as a strong support system, it was these friends who filled Googie's Lounge at Declan's first NY acoustic show to cheer him on. "You guys are so vocal here," he laughs, revealing why New York is his favorite city to play. "If you enjoy something you just let a big whoomp out!"

Now preparing to head out west for a role in Green Day's brand new punk-rock opera, based on the "American Idiot" album, Declan is kissing the city goodbye for a few months to take on rehearsals and performances. Previews start September 4 for the innovative debut, which Bennett describes as a "crazy, abstract, physical opera."

Fear not however, the smooth, sensual songwriter will be back on NY turf in no time, bursting out new tunes and exploring unique and cutting-edge sounds. In previous songwriting, Bennett always produced the lyrics first, tending to the instruments after to pull out a melody. More recently, Declan found himself artistically gravitating towards the instrumental side of the process, searching for new sources of inspiration.

Growing up it was strong powerful females who drew emotion out of Declan; songwriters like Ani DiFranco, Alanis Morrissette, Jewel and the Indigo Girls. "I should have been a lesbian!" laughter erupted, then turned serious. "It was their lyrics, their honesty that blew me away more than anything." Lately Bennett finds himself listening to an incredibly eclectic range of music that encompasses everything from house music to electric-rock.

The worldly musician reveals, "Music to me is a very emotional experience. It doesn't matter if it's some crazy track in the middle of the club at 4 AM and this insane baseline kicks in, or if I'm sitting in a tiny little acoustic cafe and there's a girl on a guitar and I'm falling in love with her lyrics."

Planning to return to the New York scene at the end of the Green Day run, Declan has grown to feel at home in the condensed community. The summer following RENT Bennett truly immersed himself in the singer-songwriter circles, playing more gigs and meeting fellow artists like Brent Shuttleworth, exposing him to additional networking opportunities. By making music the main focus, Declan finally felt able to penetrate the scene and meet others with similar talents and goals.

While it may only be a few years since Declan Bennett first arrived on US soil, the extraordinary depth and diversity in his music, a piercingly beautiful voice and a giving heart will ensure his place in the New York scene for decades to come. If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing a Declan Bennett performance make sure you seek it out. It's one of the finest gifts England has ever given America.

Declan Bennett will be performing this Sunday, June 21 as part of the Time Out Make Music New York Festival:


1PM - 405 W 23RD ST (BETWEEN 9TH AND 10TH)
2PM - 9 E 13TH ST (just below union square)
3PM - 141 Waverly Place
4PM - 6PM Extended set at ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL! With Stephanie Nilles and Brent Shuttleworth

For more information on Declan visit,, or become a fan at

To read about the new Green Day rock opera Declan is starring in, check out this link to Rolling Stone.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Martin Rivas: For the Love of Music

Sitting in a quaint coffee shop in Greenwich Village, my ears were treated to the delightful new Martin Rivas track "Heckuva Day," a bright infusion of music bursting with sunshine, and a windows down, beach-bound sensation. The latest mastery off Rivas' not-yet-released album, "Sea of Clouds," gives listeners the ultimate taste of what happens when a soulful voice, genuine heart, ambitious mind, and natural talent spontaneously combust into a single person.

A native New Yorker, Martin Rivas comes from a diversely musical family; with a mother and grandfather who both sang, and cousins that range from classical composers to up-and-coming musicians. "There's always been instruments in our house, there's always been singing, and there's always been music," Martin divulges. At the age of 11, his uncle showed him a few chords on a guitar but the rest has been self-taught, mimicking favorite records by artists like The Police to learn style and composition. After playing gigs at CBGB's, The Bitter End, and Kenny's Castaways with his band "Serious Pilgrim" in the early nineties, the group parted ways and Martin took time off from the music business, only resuming recording, writing, and self-producing CDs "Bottleneck" and "Glorious" within the past eight years.

In 2005, Martin met drummer Craig Meyer, and the duo created a force called "Campfire" that has spread throughout the New York music scene. Playing approximately 1,000 shows over the past four years, "Campfire" began as a favor to the owner of the Red Lion. "Craig and I were playing with Jessie Gage, and sometimes on Sundays we would go to Washington Square Park and play under the arch, and then head to the Red Lion afterwards," Martin explains. One Sunday, the owner asked Martin and Craig to fill a three-hour time slot because someone had cancelled. The duo gladly accepted, entertaining the audience with a variety of rhythm and blues songs from the likes of Stevie Wonder and Otis Redding, amongst others, and received such a fabulous response it became a weekly gig.

"Campfire" grew to be a Friday and Sunday night staple at Red Lion, as well as part of Tuesday nights at Slane Public House and Wednesdays at Prohibition. The concept is simple: Martin and Craig play a variety of covers and original songs, mostly chosen by the audience. "It's all about what the folks want to hear," says Rivas. "They write their requests down and bring them up [to the stage]." The duo randomly pick and play what is written- no rehearsal, no warning-resulting in an entertaining show that gets the audience singing, dancing, clapping, and coming back for more.

Another example of brilliance that recently developed out of the Martin and Craig brain trust is "Backscratch Sessions," which debuted at the Red Lion in April. "Backscratch," an idea a year and half in the making, dances with the concept of artists getting together to play each other's songs: each playing an original, a cover, and a cover of a fellow artist (which is a surprise). "There are so many fabulously talented artists playing around here that we said let's make it happen now," Rivas enthusiastically proclaimed. With a line-up that included Dave Pittenger, Kailin Garrity, Rachel Platten, Dan Torres, Nick Howard, Robbie Gil, and Amy Regan, to name a few, the night was a huge success and is becoming a regular event. "I was pleasantly surprised because we left there feeling like family," Martin beamed, "it was such a great vibe."

Not only incredibly gifted in exploring other people's songs, Martin also writes beautiful and infectious music and lyrics of his own, as seen in 2005's "Pride of the Valley" and the brand new "Sea of Clouds," currently being mixed and mastered with Dave Pittenger. "Pride of the Valley" was a therapeutic process for Rivas, as many songs deal directly and indirectly with the loss of his stepbrother on 9/11, who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald in the North Tower. Despite the song's upbeat demeanor, the lyrics for the crowd favorite "North," actually came from a dream that they found his stepbrother's body- visions of comfort, sorrow, and joy fill the listener and demonstrate Martin's unbelievable ability to bring a smile and foster hope through music.

A mainstay of the New York singer/songwriter community, Rivas has had the pleasure of watching this current scene evolve and transform over the past few years. With so many talented singer/songwriters and musicians to choose from Martin claims, "I can't imagine a greater concentration of talent at any time other than what's taking place right now in New York. It's a different industry now; every artist has immediate and instant global reach. And you can do with it whatever you want, the question is, it there someone out there to pick up on what you're doing."

"I'm floored everytime I come into the city to play," Rivas declares, observing the honest and heartfelt friendships between artists. "There are so many genuine people in this 'scene.' "

Now on a steady rotation of Campfire gigs and playing out original music at The Bitter End and Rockwood Music Hall, Martin Rivas is gearing up to release "Sea of Clouds," a record whose theme deals with messages of surviving and thriving in the face of turmoil. Working with several musicians and friends on the album inspired trust and provided comfort throughout the process. "I know that when its finished its something I'm going to be immensely proud of for the process for as much as it sounds," Rivas affirms.

A campfire is the perfect image for a Martin Rivas performance- it's warming, comfortable, social and endearing. New York is a vast city, difficult at times to make your way around, easy to get lost in... so if you haven't been to a Campfire, Backscratch, or Martin Rivas show, venture over one evening. I promise, you will feel like you just found home.

For more information on Martin and to listen to tracks, please visit or Martin Rivas and Craig Meyer play every Sunday and Friday at The Red Lion-, every Wednesday at Prohibition-, and every Tuesday at Slane Public House-

The next Backscratch Sessions will be held at The Red Lion on Monday, June 29 at 10:00pm, featuring: Live Society, Jill Stevenson, Greg Mayo, Rebecca Haviland, Martin Rivas, Casey Shea, Bess Rogers, and Brent Shuttleworth.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dave Pittenger: Jack of All Trades

Few people in this world understand the lost art of a mix tape, and Dave Pittenger is one of them.  A classically trained saxophonist since fourth grade, Dave made his first multi-track recordings just one year later using a simple formula: "I would record the open strings on a guitar on one cassette, playing it over a boom box while recording on another cassette deck with the saxophone, and maybe some singing."  The initiative Dave took at a young age would eventually steer him down a path paved for success; this well-rounded jack of all music trades is not only proficient in saxophone, piano, and guitar, but also in the art of music production and songwriting.

Recently re-emerging into the performing scene about two years ago after a brief hiatus, the Dave Pittenger Band can be seen at venues throughout New York and New Jersey.  The instrumentally delightful band consists of lead singer Pittenger, who also plays guitar and piano, bassist Jon Price or Brian Killeen, and drummer/percussionist Ryan Vaughn.  Offering a sundry of styles and sounds, a set encompasses everything from jazz/rock/pop to an alternative country, "rootsy" vibe.  Songs from the 2007 release "Simple Things" range from dramatic, powerful storytelling to soft, sweet ballads, fulfilling all the listening needs of the captivated audience.  Currently plugging away at his latest material, Pittenger reveals, "My album goes a lot of different places.  I take it on a song by song basis."  

A musician who has kept his career as varied as his music, Dave is also no stranger to the road.  For a period of time Pittenger was booking three-month loops- a month on the road, a month off, and then another month back out again, and did not play New York City.  While touring can be daunting for any emerging artist, due to the unpredictability of the venues and the difficult task of booking and coordinating, Dave stepped up to the challenge.  Typically, a six-week tour is a huge undertaking, between booking, promoting, driving, playing shows, and finding a place to sleep.  However, the aggressive optimist lays out a well-thought plan to make the most of these travels, including avoiding hotel and restaurant costs, and touring with band mates or fellow solo artists.

Now trading road life for a place in the New York scene, Dave is expanding further into music production.  Working as the producer behind colleagues album's such as Dan Torres and Martin Rivas, Dave is in the process of developing an in-house music production company named "Mint."  

"In college I started recording demos.  When it came time to make a record, to save some money I decided to track it myself.  I didn't really have a budget so I also mixed it myself.  It grew from there." Pittenger explains.  "I feel comfortable on the other side of the glass."

If working as a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer wasn't enough, a seemingly minor networking change opened up yet another lucrative opportunity for Dave's extremely balanced career.  After moving from Philadelphia to Belmar a few years ago, Dave revisited an old account on the Garageband site and changed the location to New York City.  The very next day Pittenger received an e-mail from a man looking for New York bands.  "He was putting together a project for Prentice Hall," Dave explained. "They wanted to place rock and pop songs with the 6-10 grade literature books that go along with the lessons." This assignment led to even more favorable situations, from writing Optimum Online and Ambien commercials to a strong working relationship with the Creative Director for Alias Arts. "It's all about getting the opportunity.  It's tough to do everything on your own," Dave explains, "But once you get in a situation you have to produce."

Speaking with Dave Pittenger is a breath of fresh air, filling you with motivation and expanding your mind to look far beyond the horizon.  Never placing limitations, Dave has no pre-conceived notion of where he should end up.  For this humble yet contagiously friendly musician the world is filled with endless possibilities; a strong attitude and a commitment to challenging his own talents will only ensure that success is at every corner.  "I don't have all my eggs in one basket," Pittenger says with a warm smile, "If I didn't do the music thing I would have gone to law school.  Maybe run for public office."

Well Dave Pittenger, you have my vote.

To hear Dave's music, contact him about production, and check out tour dates visit or