Monday, August 3, 2009

For Kasey

I have a friend whose contagious smile instantly brightens any room she steps into. Her energy and aura is overwhelmingly beautiful, and you would be hard-pressed to catch her in a moment when she wasn't genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about life, music, love, and friendship. This up-and-coming actress is an avid supporter of the arts, attending shows night after night to cheer on her boyfriend and friends, whether it be dancing in front of the stage at The Red Lion or singing along to familiar tunes at Rockwood. My friend is Kasey Williams, and this weekend that gorgeous smile was unfairly taken away from her, as she experienced the tragic loss of her father in a car accident.

On Saturday, August 2, Kasey received a phone call informing her that her family, who had been vacationing in South Carolina, were in a very bad car accident. In the car had been her mother, father, sister, three-year-old nephew, and sister's friend. Her father was listed in critical condition, and passed away overnight. Her sister sustained multiple injuries and required immediate surgery.

To make matters worse, the man that hit them was under the influence and driving a stolen car. The accident was a hit-and-run... the cops found the car and finally the suspect a few hours later, and he's now in custody.

There a no words in a time like this. Nothing can make up for the great loss Kasey and her family are experiencing, and nothing will heal the pain that inevitably comes in the face of such great tragedy. For those of us who love and adore Kasey, it's a struggle to find anything that can express how much she means to us... all we want to do is make it all go away, and restore her happiness and spirit.

The NYC Artist community is doing everything we can to bring small moments of joy and a sense of financial comfort to Kasey and her family. I have included links to the first two efforts, and will continue to update the site with information on how you can help.

The first is an organization set up by Kasey's friends, where you can make donations to help the family while they are stuck in South Carolina, unable to return to their home in Tennessee at the moment. The link is Every little thing counts.

In addition, tonight at the Red Lion, Kasey's boyfriend- Ryan Vaughn- and his cover band The Red Liners, will be playing a last minute show from 10pm-1am. A donation bucket will be passed out during the show, and a video will be shot and sent down to her so she can feel the love and support of the NYC community during this difficult time. Information on the event can be found here- If you are in town, please come by... The Red Liners is one of Kasey's favorite shows in the city.

If you are interested in making any further donations or would like to help in any way, please contact me via, and I will make sure to point you in the direction needed. Kasey is one of my closest and dearest friends in New York... my heart breaks for her and her family during this time, and I want to make sure in every way possible she is reminded daily of how much she is loved, missed, and supported by her friends up North.

We love you Kase. Stay strong.... I'm shaking two eggs in honor of you tonight. ;) Can't wait to see your smile and hear your laugh again.


  1. beautiful post. so so sad. my thoughts and prayers are with the family and kasey

  2. My name is Kasey and I would hate for that to happen to anyone. My Heart is with you Kasey
    ~Kasey S