Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Artist: Debbie Neigher

Tonight at National Underground check out Debbie Neigher!

Here's a little information about Debbie:
Don’t let her size fool you; this 5’1” singer-songwriter is not afraid to bang on the keys. Learning piano at age four, composing music at age thirteen, and recording her first EP in her living room at age fifteen, Debbie Neigher has been crafting music on her own terms for as long as she can remember. Her classical training in piano, her father's love for jazz, and a childhood of attending punk and hardcore shows in her native state of New Jersey have all helped to forge her unique sound. Debbie's unabashed blend of rock, jazz, and pop is a refreshing surge of originality, combining unapologetically loud piano riffs with silky vocals. Debbie’s catchy melodies and honest lyrics allow this young artist to truly stand out as she frequents the talented singer-songwriter music scene.

Debbie Neigher Trio Live @ National Underground
September 9th, 7:00 pm
$5 Cover, 21+
This show will feature songs from Debbie's soon-to-be-released "Home" EP and is her last East Coast show before she moves to San Francisco!

Make sure to stop by!

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